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The story of UA*Mazurka cattery is a story of nine years of love and admiration for this unique breed of cats - Main Coon. We can say that this is one of the most popular breeds in the world, presented to man by nature today. Why? The answer is very simple: Main Coons possess a spectacular appearance in addition to obedient character and high intelligence.  Maine Coons get along well with children.  They always find common ground with dogs and other pets.  They are gentle, loyal, friendly, playful, affectionate and smart. Under the cover of a wild beast, under it’s power, strength, and grace, a loving, playful, kind, and affectionate soul is hidden.

Unlike other breeds of cats that can live "by themselves" - Maine Coons have almost a dog's affection for their owners.  They are bored while the owners are gone and joyfully meet owners when they finally arrive. Whatever you do at home - your Maine “Bunny” will be next to you. It loves to "help."

When you see Main Coon (especially for the first time),  you see a long, strong muscular body with a wide chest and strong bones, a cat with silky flowing hair, a long fluffy tail, a look that is admirable and delightful. Without a doubt, Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cats. The magnificent powerful animal twists the imagination not only with its size, but also with outstanding thinking, melodious voice and various interesting habits that are not typical of other cats.  Very often, the timbre of the voice is so soft and gentle that it is completely incompatible with their size.

If we talk about possible colors, then there are many options.  You can find any color you want.  Do you want a snow-white miracle in your house?  Would you like a riot of colors?  Or do you prefer pastel colors?  Looking for the classic version?  Do you especially like the color smoky black? No problems!!!  The range of colors of Maine Coons is wide and is able to satisfy the most demanding taste.  The most common eye colors are shades of green and gold.  Blue or odd eyes are possible only for white.

Our cattery Mazurka offers rare variety of colors in kittens.  You can find and buy kittens from us of almost any color.  All our "home lynxes" live with us in the house. And we are totally against the content of these amazing creatures in cages. Therefore, Maine Coon kittens from our cattery will become a real treasure in your home. All whoever is lucky to get acquainted with this breed, will forever fall in love!

So, what are the pros and cons for choosing a Maine Coon?

1. Smart- am intellectual in the world of cats
2. Loyal- similar to loyalty of a dog
3. Affectionate, social 
4. Not too demanding in care, it adapts easily enough to new conditions and situations
5. Unique- due to the combination of colors and patterns, there are no two exactly identical Maine Coons.

Are there any disadvantages?  Yes, just one: after acquiring one kitten, you will become such a fan of this breed that you may want to purchase another kitten (or even several) of this magical breed of Main Coon.

Maine Coon breed is a treasure in the feline world!!